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Soul Wellness Retreat in India
Travel Contract

1.  Acceptance of Contract:

Upon purchase of the October 13- 19th, 2024 meditation retreat India, hereinafter referred to as ‘the package’ the terms and conditions set forth herein become a binding contract between the purchaser and Astrid Pujari, MD, PS.  Acceptance of this contract by the purchaser shall occur when the deposit referenced in Section 3 below is received by Astrid Pujari, MD, PS.

2. Definitions:

A. The package consists of accommodations, 3 vegetarian meals per day, travel to and from Chennai airport within dates of October 13, 2024 beginning at 8:30 AM and ending on October 19, 2024 at 10:00am.


B. The package does not include expenses for travel to and from India or any food, accommodations, travel, visa costs, or expenses outside of the specified dates and times. The package does not include tips for staff during retreat. The only expenses that will be covered are those designated in Part 2A.  Further the purchaser acknowledges that, in organizing and leading the package, Astrid Pujari, MD, PS, is serving in the capacity as a retreat organizer but not as a practitioner of medical arts and that she shall not undertake any obligation to diagnose or treat any medical conditions which may arise or injuries which may be incurred by the purchaser during the retreat.  The purchaser must arrive at the designated start point at 8:30 AM on October 13, 2024; this is when the retreat begins.


3.  Reservation and Payment:

The reservation and payment schedule is as follows:

  • The cost of the package is $1,999.00 before March 1, 2024.

  • The cost of the package is $2,299.00 on March 1, 2024, or later.

  • To reserve the package, Astrid Pujari, MD PS requires a nonrefundable deposit of $500 per person at the time the reservation is made, along with the signed contract.

  • The first payment of $850 is due July 1, 2024.

  • The remaining balance ($849.00 if registered before March 1, 2024, and $1,149.00 if registered March 1, 2024, or later) is due by August 1, 2024.

  • If the final installment of payment is not received by August 1, 2024, Astrid Pujari, MD, PS reserves the right to treat the reservation as cancelled and no refund will be provided.

  • All payments are non-refundable after July 1, 2024.

4.  Cancellation/Refunds:

Cancellations are accepted until June 30th, 2024, and money you have paid up until that point will be refunded except the $500 deposit. After this date, the package cost is non-refundable.


5.  Participation:

By purchasing this package the purchaser guarantees that this trip is appropriate for his/her/their health, physical abilities and interests. Astrid Pujari, MD reserves the right to accept, decline to retain any person as a participant for any reason that she determines, in the exercise of her sole discretion, might affect the operation of the retreat, the rights and welfare or enjoyment of the other participants and/or the health and well-being of the purchaser. There will be no refund of any portion of the package cost if you declined participation in any activity by the discretion of Astrid Pujari, MD.


6.  Participant Obligations:

It is the participant’s sole responsibility to obtain and have all appropriate valid travel documents. This includes:

  • A valid travel visa for India

  • A valid passport and any other documentation that you may need for international travel


I certify that I am in good health and that my primary care physician has determined that I am fit to go on this trip. I understand that this tour may involve sitting on floors for extended periods of time. Although efforts will be made to accommodate those who require it, I understand this may not be possible.


I understand that during the trip, October 13-19, 2024, an international phone plan including text capabilities is recommended during the trip so that I can be contacted if needed. This cost is not covered in the cost of the retreat and is at your own expense.

7.  Warranty Disclaimer:

No guarantee or warranties expressed or implied, are made that the package will meet all of the participants expectations. Astrid Pujari, MD, PS reserves the right to make cancellations and/or make changes in services where such changes become necessary by circumstances beyond the control of Astrid Pujari, MD, PS and/or all affiliates. Astrid Pujari, MD, PS reserves the right to make changes to the package itinerary based on unforeseen conditions and situational events including, but not limited to: travel delays, crime, inclement weather, civil disruptions and/or other potential sources of harm, as well as for purposes of enriching the participants’ experience.


8.  General Disclaimer and RELEASE:


I agree that Astrid Pujari, MD, PS and all affiliates are released and held harmless from any and all liability travelling to and from India, travelling within India and/or participating in any activity within the package retreat including, but not limited to: travel delays/problems, government actions, weather and other acts of God, illness or emotional harm, accident, injury, death, loss of or damage to personal property and loss of income. This disclaimer and RELEASE are given knowingly and voluntarily and with a full understanding of the terms thereof.


9.  Insurance: 


I understand that travel protection insurance including insurance for medical expenses is required for this trip. You are required at your own expense to buy medical and travel insurance to cover yourself and to meet at least these minimum standards:

  • Coverage for travel cancellation and interruption: 100% of trip cost

  • Accident and sickness medical expenses, minimum limit per person: $50,000.00

  • Emergency assistance (emergency medical transportation), minimum limit per person: $250,000.00


10. Covid-19 and Communicable Illness Disclaimer and RELEASE Agreement:


I agree that Astrid Pujari, MD, PS and all affiliates:

  • will not be held responsible for any exposure to any variant of the Covid-19 virus, or any communicable illness including but not limited to influenza, RSV, or any viral/bacterial or protozoal illness, nor held responsible for any medical complications or expenses in the event that the purchaser contracts the Covid-19 virus, or communicable illness, including any treatments for same. This includes the possible spread of any variant of Covid-19 or any viral or bacterial illness, or any communicable illness, to any other person the purchaser has contact with while travelling or otherwise.

  • have no special knowledge of health hazards such as the risk of contracting Covid-19, or communicable illness, either during travel or at any and all destinations. For the latest travel health information, the purchaser should review the State Department's website at and the CDC's information at prior to travel.

  • are not responsible for Covid-19 virus, or communicable illness related requirements that travel suppliers and governments may impose from time to time, such as health affidavit forms, health screenings prior to departure or upon arrival, face coverings or quarantines, and the purchaser agrees to take sole responsibility for these requirements. For the latest Covid-19 government travel regulations, the purchaser should review IATA's website at

  • will not issue refunds should Covid-19 or other communicable illness, including but not limited to RSV, viral/bacterial or protozoal illness resulting in travel delays, itinerary changes, cancellations, or any other unforeseen disruptions occur.

  • assumes that the purchaser will at all times make a good faith effort to protect themselves and all persons they come in contact with from contracting and/or spreading the COVID virus and all communicable illnesses.


All travelers are responsible for their own medical expenses, Covid-19 related or otherwise, and MUST purchase travel protection and medical expense insurance as detailed above.

11. Required Information Provided in a Timely Manner:

Participants must provide flight itinerary, insurance information, emergency contact information, medication list, and allergy information to Astrid Pujari, MD, PS or her assistant in a timely manner.



I understand that if I have not provided the above information by July 1, 2024, I will be charged a $200 service fee on August 1, 2024. If I fail to provide the above information by September 1, 2024, my reservation will be cancelled and I will not be reimbursed for any of the payments I have made. I will also be responsible for any other associated costs I have incurred.

12. Entire Agreement:

The foregoing are the complete terms and conditions related to purchase of the package and participation in the package retreat and there have been no other statements made or information provided upon which a participant shall be deemed to have relied in electing to purchase the package and participate in the package retreat.

Please provide requested information and signature below. By signing this contract, you signify that you have read and understood all information therein, and agree to all terms, including all RELEASES.


Failure to complete this agreement prior to July 1st, 2024, will nullify purchaser’s participation eligibility and no refund of deposit will be provided. Exceptions are at the sole discretion of Astrid Pujari, MD, PS.

Please list 2 emergency contact names, their relationship to you, and the best phone number to reach them.

Click below to submit your form. You will be taken to the Checkout page, however, if you prefer not to pay online, simply call or email the office with your credit card information. Please note that even if you do pay online, we will need to have your credit card information on file for your subsequent payments.

Please be patient, this may take a minute....

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