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Here's to Health

Talk Series


Feeling overwhelmed by information on the internet?


Looking for a clear, approachable and scientifically based approach to health topics you care about?


Do you want a balance between holistic and Western medicine options from a physician trained in both?


If so, join us! Dr. Pujari will go through a range of topics from the gut microbiome, to reviewing the science for supplements for osteoporosis, menopause and depression.

Where: Zoom


Cost: $198 if you sign up for one class

          $175/class if you commit to 6 months


When: 8:30-10:30 AM PST on the following days (subject to change):


  • January 9th: How to Heal, Restore, and Maintain Your Gut Microbiome

  • January 30th: Science on Supplements for Depression

  • March 13th: How to Lower Inflammation Naturally

  • April 10th: Science on Supplements for Anxiety

  • May 8th: Natural Approaches for Menopause

  • June 12th: Science on Supplements for Sleep

  • July - December: To Be Determined


Feel free to email with suggestions for July – December classes!


To register call 206-344-8053, or email:

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How to Heal, Restore, and Maintain Your Gut Microbiome


January 9th, 2022

8:30 to 10:30 AM PST

Did you know that the microbiome of the gut affects:

          ◊   Inflammation in your body

          ◊   Weight

          ◊   Your immune system

          ◊   Mood

          ◊   Hormones

          ◊   Autoimmune disease

          ◊   Digestive health


If so, this is your chance to learn more of the science behind it, and what you can do to improve your own health.


In this class, we will:

          ◊   Discuss science behind why the microbiome influences the above 

               health issues

          ◊   Understand what throws the microbiome out of balance

          ◊   Learn how to restore balance with diet, supplements, herbs and

               functional medicine approaches


Location: Zoom


Cost: $198

Registration: call 206-344-8053, or email: